Brothers And Sisters - Self Titled (Songwriter, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards)

Brothers And Sisters - Fortunately (Songwriter, Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards)

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - So Divided (Guest Artist, Harmonies, Lead Vocals on “Eight Days In Hell”)

Moonlight Towers - Moonlight Towers (Keyboards, Vocals)

Anne McCue - Koala Motel (Guest Artist, Vocals)

Deadman - Take Up Your Mat And Walk (Guest Artist, Keyboard, Vocals)

Tracy Bunn - By The Wayside (Vocals)

The Room Outside - (Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals)

The World Record - Guitars Forever (Guitar, Vocals)

Cynthia Clawson - Broken:Healing The Heart (Vocals)

Cynthia Clawson - Episodes (Guitars, Vocals)

Tenlons Fort - Shelters (Guitars, Keyboards, Vocals)

Tenlons Fort - Self Titled (Vocals)

The Gousters - Self Titled (Vocals, Keyboards, Lead Vocals on “Trickle Past”)

GospelbeacH - Another Summer of Love (Vocals)

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead - X​:​ The Godless Void and Other Stories (2020)

Explorers Club - Explorers Club (2020)