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This is the website for a man called Will Courtney.


At Home With Will Courtney And The Wild Bunch

Available NOW!

Recorded at home in the summer of 2020 while under quarantine.

Featuring brand new versions of songs from some of the band's favorite songwriters.

Cracking Up (originally recorded by Nick Lowe)

Face Down In The Meadow (originally recorded by Eggs Over Easy)

I Got The Same Old Blues (originally recorded by J.J. Cale)

Splendid Isolation (originally recorded by Warren Zevon)

Guilty (originally recorded by Randy Newman)

Days That Used To Be (originally recorded by Neil Young and Crazy Horse)





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"Will Courtney, aware as always of the emotional realities of time's passage, narrates the tumultuous evolution of a love that begins with the bittersweet marvel...any old sadcore band can set you staring at your shoelaces, but getting listeners to contemplate mortality while happily humming and tapping their toes is something subversively special"
- Pitchfork

Scandinavia Tour 2017 with Cordovas

2017-02-25 Folk å Rock, Malmö
2017-02-26 Houseconcert, Eksjö
2017-02-27 Emmas Lada, Eksjö
2017-02-28 Immanuelskyrkan, Halmstad
2017-03-01 Posten, Odense
2017-03-02 Pavillonen, Grenå
2017-03-03 Sönderborgshus, Söndersborg
2017-03-04 Tobakken, Esbjerg
2017-03-05 Pustervik, Göteborg
2017-03-07 Hotell Hulingen, Hultsfred
2017-03-08 Kulturkvarteret, Kristianstad
2017-03-09 TBA
2017-03-10 Scandic Grand, Örebro
2017-03-11 Kulturakademin, Motala
2017-03-13 Ankaret, Nynäshamn
2017-03-14 Katalin, Uppsala
2017-03-15 Folkets Hus, Strömsund
2017-03-16 E-Street, Sundsvall
2017-03-17 Tingshuset, Nyland
2017-03-18 Bjurfors Hotell & Konferens, Avesta
2017-03-19 Buckley's, Oslo
2017-03-21 Bryggerhuset Syd, Halden
2017-03-22 TBA
2017-03-23Plan B, Tranås
2017-03-24 Tryckhallen, Falkenberg
2017-03-25 Best Wester - Broken Dreams, Borlänge
2017-03-26 Akkurat, Stockholm