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Nice things people have said...


Had “Loaded” [on Crazy Love] made its debut decades earlier, it might’ve become a country-rock anthem for the counterculture, offering up a mix of hedonism, honky-tonk and ramshackle, roadhouse-worthy romp. 

- Rolling Stone 


"Elements of Neil Young and Crazy Horse at their most wild and careening as well as Roky Erickson at his most focused...dashes of Harry Nilsson and Townes Van Zandt. Those are unbeatable influences but then again, Courtney is an unbeatable force in his own right."

- PopMatters


"Will Courtney, aware as always of the emotional realities of time's passage, narrates the tumultuous evolution of a love that begins with the bittersweet marvel...any old sadcore band can set you staring at your shoelaces, but getting listeners to contemplate mortality while happily humming and tapping their toes is something subversively special "

- Pitchfork 



"A Century Behind is truly the perfect album to get lost in" 
- This Is Book's Music

"It feels like a classic you already love. You can hear the warm reminders of our musical history, but they serve only as the canvas Courtney uses to paint his lyrical imagery on." 

- No Depression



“Will's compositions resonate with the same exposed poetry as Leonard Cohen but lifted from Len's somnambulant shuffle into colorful settings charged by gorgeous pedal steel and infinitely human harmonies.” 

- Jambase 

This is still rock ‘n’ roll but in the vein of the more hushed corners of Neil Young, The Jayhawks, Ryan Adams, and Chris Bell, whose I Am The Cosmos comes to mind several times during A Century Behind. Courtney’s voice is a pleasing open wound, scars starting to form but the healing still in process, his quivering tone making each brave step into honesty that much more effective.

-Dirty Impound

"The album has a sage’s soul and a technician’s meticulous sense. Anybody who glommed onto recent releases from Low or Phosphorescent will feel right at home here, imagining Courtney, strumming away (as he did) in a log cabin on six acres in Texas for the better part of a year. Slowing things down, until they made sense."

-  LA Buzzbands

"A Century Behind is a must own"

"A Century Behind is the kind of album you will find yourself coming back to, and enjoying a little bit more each time"

-When You Motor Away

"Courtney’s skill as a songwriter’s been honed over many years, and many miles, and it’s come into full flower on his solo debut"