At Home With Will Courtney And The Wild Bunch

Will Courtney

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At Home With Will Courtney And The Wild Bunch

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Produced by Will Courtney

Recorded by Will Courtney and The Wild Bunch in their separate homes during the summer of 2020.

Will Courtney - vocals, guitar, keyboards Travis Garaffa - drums, vocals Gian Ortiz - bass Daniel Wilcox - lead guitars, vocals

Due to cancelled concerts and cancelled band practices because of COVID-19, Will Courtney and The Wild Bunch attempted to maintain their sanity by recording music in the summer of 2020.

Setting up microphones and baffling at their separate homes, they used what recording tools were available to capture each part. With minimal editing, the individual instruments and vocals on this album were recorded on their own as complete takes and then mixed at Will's home studio.

Though these songs were originally written and recorded by some of the band's favorite songwriters decades ago, the band felt they captured many of the thoughts and emotions people shared during the beginning months of the pandemic in 2020.

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